Macintosh Platform

Critical Mac Services

Service Engineer

Apple Repair Club, Inc.

Senior Service Technician at Apple Repair Club with over 15 years of hardware expertise, offering comprehensive Mac service, support, and maintenance. Specializing in application troubleshooting, firewall management, data recovery, OS deployment, system maintenance, cybersecurity, and privacy consultation.

Data Recovery Expert

Data Recovery Expert

Comprehensive Data Analysis & Recovery

In my role as a data recovery consultant and expert, my specialization lies in employing advanced techniques and unmatched expertise to rescue lost data. Through my seamless solutions, I successfully restore valuable information from the abyss of uncertainty, preserving its integrity and guaranteeing its rightful retrieval.

Data Privacy Advocate

Privacy First Approach

Data, Cyber & Device Security

In my capacity as a data privacy advocate, I provide expert consultation on data, cyber, and device security, enabling both individuals and organizations to fortify the protection of their sensitive information. My primary emphasis is on privacy, and I assist clients in establishing robust measures to safeguard their data, ensuring peace of mind within the constantly evolving digital terrain.

Educational Support

Committed for Education

Schools / Universities

NYU / Columbia University / LaGuardia

In my role as a privacy advocate, I extend my support to students and professors across schools, colleges, and universities, delivering comprehensive guidance on data management, privacy, and security. By empowering the academic community, I equip them with the vital knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital realm while safeguarding sensitive information effectively.

Government / Agencies

Privacy/Confidenciality Approach

Government Services

Services with Heights Priority

I offer vital assistance to government and affiliated agencies in comprehending data privacy and disaster recovery. With my comprehensive guidance and expertise, I enable these organizations to navigate the intricate landscape of data protection, ensuring their resilience in the event of potential disasters while safeguarding sensitive information.

News Agencies / Businesses

Prioritized Consultation Service

Priority Support / Service

New York & Beyond Area Covered

Utilizing my expertise in the fields of data and cybersecurity, I provide crucial assistance to both small and large businesses, promoting awareness about data protection, breach prevention, and disaster recovery. Through customized guidance, I empower organizations with the insights and strategies required to secure their valuable information assets and respond effectively to potential threats.

Emergency Support

Spyware Support

Ransomeware Support

Threat Assessment

Data Evaluation

Privacy Assessment

Firewall Assessment

Security Evaluation

cPhulk Assessment

HostAccess Evaluation

TSL/SSL Review

cPanel Assessment

WordPress Assessment

WordPress Security

WordPress Optimization

Recovery [Data]

NAND Based Recovery

Legacy Drive Recovery

Flash Based Recovery

RAID Based Recovery

Server Based Recovery

Individual Devices/Drives


Kyeongjae Lee

Kyeongjae Lee


Puru, at Apple Repair Club, surpasses expectations with sincere expertise, professionalism, and exceptional service, making him highly recommended for Mac repairs.




Found Puru at one of the business meetups, a trustworthy tech enthusiast having knowledge and readiness for supporting individuals and businesses in critical privacy concerns.

Lady Mistik

Lady Mistik

Google Local Guide / Level 3

If I could give this place 100 stars I would! ...